Building the Magic City brick by brick.

About LEGO305

The Miami Lego Model is a representation of the ever-changing city of Miami. A team of designers have come together to build parts of the city entirely out of Legos as a way to spark creativity and innovation within the city. We are creating a model in which we can display diverse elements and simulate events and patterns. This is more than just a project, it's an experience; an opportunity to envision a different Miami. The Lego model is opening the door to endless possibilities while providing students with a platform to experiment and imagine the city of tomorrow.

User Experience

We want this project to be exciting and unique for the people of Miami, so that they can be amazed on how technology and Legos can enable something creative, innovative and revolutionary.


LEGO305 is meant to reach the community with the intention of providing a platform to re-imagine Urban Design as part of a participatory and inclusive process.


Picture of Arthur Henry.

Arthur Henry - Project Lead

Picture of Abraham Elmir.

Abraham Elmir

Picture of Jose Muguira.

Jose Muguira

Picture of Juliane Alvarado.

Juliane Alvarado

Picture of Mayra Ona.

Mayra Ona


Picture of Jeremiah Rivera.

Jeremiah Rivera

Picture of Alenys Jimenez.

Alenys Jimenez

Picture of Kiana Vidal.

Kiana Vidal

Picture of Natalia Ortega.

Natalia Ortega

Picture of Ranya Abu-Nassar.

Ranya Abu-Nassar

Picture of Sabrina Martin.

Sabrina Martin

Picture of Victor Ramirez.

Victor Ramirez

Picture of Yaqueline Jimenez.

Yaqueline Jimenez

Picture of Zachary Alabre.

Zachary Alabre